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Pre purchase Building and timber pest inspections

Timber frame inspection

Practical completion inspection


Defect liability 90 day warranty inspection


Buying a property can be one of the biggest investments you make in your life. We take pride in our work and are committed to providing high-quality inspections that give our clients peace of mind. Our team of highly skilled and experienced inspectors We offer a range of inspection services, including pre-purchase inspections, Timber frame inspection, practical completion inspection, defect liablity 90 day warranty inspection and handover inspections.

Pre purchase Building and timber pest inspections

We will carry out non-invasive timber-pest inspections and give you an easy to read report that is within accoradance of required Australian Standards. Reports will include photos and any comments required with our findings.

Pest can cause a lot of damage to the untrained eye and often sever damage to the integrity of the structure of the buildings which could become costly for the purchaser.

Pre-sale building and timber inspections

Although this is not a requirement in Queensland if you are thinking of selling your property get us in to carry out a detailed report for you.

This will allow you to be comfortable that you are selling a house free of any defects and also could stop any potential buyers negotiating your sale price.

Sam | Pre purchase Building and timber pest inspections
Practical completion inspection

Practical completion inspection

Building a new home on The Sunshine Coast Region or Brisbane. Be sure you will be moving into your new home with confidence. As the builder asks for their final payment you may feel you lack the construction knowledge and have a few things worrying you.

That’s where we can help! We can inspect the property and make sure it all complies with relevant Australiana standards and building codes. Although we do encourage staged inspections throughout the build to ensure the build is as per plan and suitable material has been used.

Defect liability 90 day warranty inspection

With all the excitement of getting handed the keys to your new home you may miss the 90 day defect period with your builder.

We ask that whilst you settle into your house you make notes on what you believe to be defective or not right, which we will review whilst also conducting our own report of the property.

Defect liability 90 day warranty inspection
Sunshine Coast Pool Inspections | Pool Inspection Services

Pool inspection

If you are leasing, buying or selling a property and in need of a Pool Inspection and pool safety certification (QBCC Form23) on the Sunshine Coast or if you need an annual Pool Safety Certificate for a shared pool – we’ve got you covered.

From the 1st December 2010, all swimming pools on regulated land in Queensland owners are required, at the time of sale or lease of their property, to have a pool safety inspection conducted by a licensed pool safety inspector and be issued with a pool compliance certificate stating that the pool complies with the new pool safety laws and standards. This certification must also happen every 2 years for regulated pools and 1 year for shared pools.

As QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licensed pool certifiers, i-Inspect Building and Pest Services provides a variety of pool certification services to ensure swimming pool compliance. This includes pre-purchase pool inspections as well as the provision of pool safety certificates for pool fences that meet compliance.

Our trouble-free pool safety certificate inspection service can provide you with practical, quality advice if you are not compliant with the current pool safety legislation.

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